Are you seeking a change?

It’s about enjoying more of the good life as the CREATOR you are, in a life, that feels good to you!

Meet your hypnotherapist

An astounding truth is,'what we can conceive and believe we can achieve.’

2007 I moved to Denmark from Australia where I now live with my Danish husband and our children. My life is a testament to the truth of living life as one chooses and making dreams a reality no matter the circumstances. As a dual Danish and Australian citizen, I embrace both cultures as my heritage and consider myself a universal citizen. It is my pride and joy to help clients nationwide in Denmark as well as internationally, in person or on-line.

hypnoterapi vejle

“To feel good is our natural state, so the good life is what it is about”

- Prue Bach

I combine my academic, scientific, medical and therapeutic skills in our sessions to help you create change involving all three aspects of your mind. The power of working with your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind becomes evident as you experience the power of understanding who you really are and what you are capable of. As you set yourself free of what is blocking you from being true to yourself, you’ll experience a life that is more authentic, joyful and successful.

My passion

What is it that YOU want that is calling you forward? That is your ‘Lion’

What has been instrumental in my doing the work I enjoy today has been my search to know ‘what happiness is’ and what living a happy life involves!  I can thank that search for the thrill of living my life on purpose today! NOW I KNOW I WAS ALWAYS LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE BY BEING TRUE TO MY SEARCH. That is what life’s joy is about, the journey we are taken on individually when we trust and dare to be true to our inner voice. It has led me to the family I love, in a new homeland, working full-time helping others to be happy by actualizing themselves.

Experience has shown me that you, the client, have the answers you need to achieve the changes you seek and in my supportive role in your change, I help you to know that too.

You create the reality you live in. When you’re living a reality you don’t want, you can change it!


Self-esteem and self-confidence

Stress and illness

Weight loss

Bad habits

Bad feelings and relationships

Seeking a change?

I want change, but what sort of change do I want- and why?

Change of self can be:

TRANSFORMATIONAL or OPTIMIZATIONAL CHANGE involves a process of evolution of self

– both are about enjoying more of the good life by being the CREATOR you are, in a life that feels good to you!

A life that feels good is living life as you want to live, which often involves making changes or upgrading your current standard. Sustained change is about mindset and habits! It involves changing your habitual patterns of thought and behavior to achieve better results that are consistent with a change of identity.

To change, we first need to know where we are, as well as where we want to go.

Nikola Tesla said it best:

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

This is at the core of our work together. We humans are an energy mass with our own unique frequency of vibration (our individual signature to the universe). Our mood or attitude is made up of how we think and feel and that creates our unique frequency of vibration. This not only determines our behavior and our health but also how we respond to our surroundings and how our surroundings respond to us. Think of yourself as a magnet attracting to you in accordance with your vibration (cat or lion). Therefore this is at the core of change! Our work together focuses on this internal core environment as it creates our external experience.

What is Transformational change?

Transformation is about realizing a new reality by fixing the symptom AS WELL AS the CAUSE of the problem as in, for example, weight loss or depression. It is ‘root treatment’.

Insight from hypnotherapy helps you to close the gap between your present life and your desired life by changing how you think and feel about yourself and your ‘problem’. Closing the gap releases the resistance in your life holding you back and leads to better results and increased satisfaction.

A change of mind and a change of heart shifts our frequency, vibration and energy. When this happens, we feel better and begin to see corresponding positive results in our life and relationships! Clients often experience not only progress in finding solutions to their problems, but it’s like they achieve a lifestyle upgrade!

What is Optimizational change?

Optimization is about upgrading your attitude to raise your level of success and satisfaction in a specific area of choice. It can be to improve success with: work performance, love or work relationships or lifestyle such as with health or wealth. Our results reflect OUR INDIVIDUAL magnetism. So change involves the person in the mirror, not the circumstances!

Insight from hypnotherapy together with coaching on the mastery of high frequency living (predominantly feeling good) results in you feeling happier, coupled with the courage/belief to pursue what is important to you in life–no matter your current circumstances or your past history. It is about being deliberate and mindful as well as feeling worthy to receive the good life. The success and joy we seek is self-actualization! Living life at this level feels like a life in flow, true to yourself where you enjoy the thrill of your own personal evolution.

What is Behavioural change?

Behavioural change involves correcting a mismatch by integrating and aligning all three parts of your mind so they are co-operative and cohesive instead of incohesive. The conscious desire for change is achieved by positively influencing and updating your body and its behavior (unconscious mind) as well as your subconscious mind under hypnosis, so that all three work together harmoniously. In the case of smoke cessation for example, this can be achieved in a single session, irrespective of how long you’ve been a smoker. It’s about changing the ‘three-part’ me.  It’s not about length of time! A ‘bad habit’ is changed to desirable behaviour with an ‘operational systems upgrade’ effective immediately.

The truth is, whether it is transformation, optimization or behavioural change you seek, nothing defines you other than your OWN CONSCIOUSNESS and that is what our teamwork upgrades.

As William Shakespeare said, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so!’

The work is ‘mental and emotional ownership and control’. These are skills worth mastering! INTERNAL control sets us free from the external stresses of life, aligning us with what we want. Nothing beyond our OWN SELF defines us! This truth gives us 100% responsibility for our results as well as 100% freedom to take 100% control and CHOOSE as the creator we are! It equates to freedom and power to take ownership of our life.

Change, contrary to popular thought, can be quick, lasting, and powerfully effective by working with all three parts of the mind simultaneously!

Change your perspective and you change your life! It is that simple if you allow it to be!

Why use hypnotherapy to change?

Transformational, optimizational or behavioural change under the influence of the hypnotic state can be likened to ‘normal change supercharged!’. Hypnosis helps you to quickly transition through the discomfort of OVERCOMING the old, familiar current you that is making you feel stuck or blocked, into BECOMING the new you that you desire! Change can be hard. It normally requires you to make different decisions and act in unfamiliar ways and do it long enough so it becomes a new habit. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy makes this change easier. Rather than your past and memories being your default autopilot program (unconscious sabotage), it’s your vision and future self in your change that is your NEW autopilot program (unconscious success)!

Hypnotherapy enables knowing to be embodied which leads to new action and results FAST!  To know is not enough, have you noticed? Hypnotherapy takes theory and makes it real in your life!

Universal law assists both sabotage and success – so it is up to us to guide it.

The universal law of attraction means that what we focus on intensifies. Most people are focused on the problem and not the solution. Our work focuses on the solution! This shift of focus alone creates huge positive change.

Clients’ success with hypnosis on behavioural changes such as stopping smoking, eating sugar or biting their nails often make them eager to use these same principles of change and universal laws to improve other areas (involving deeper transformational or optimizational work).

These include improving their self-worth, self-confidence or body image, overcoming phobias, anxiety, doubt or shyness, improving work performance as a student, employee, leader, business owner or parent, or improving their relationships or health. These transformational or optimizational changes via hypnotherapy involve an upgrade of identity and story that sets them free of the old self. Client’s changed perspective and beliefs results in them experiencing the relief, joy and liberation of their new behavior and identity as well as an improved reality.

Client’s own experience of their change proves that nothing beyond our OWN SELF defines us!

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