Bad feelings and relationships

Addicted to pleasing others

Michael Hansen
4 sessions

My name is Michael and I have had the pleasure of going through a hypnotherapy treatment of 4 sessions with Prue Bach at Hypnoseterapi Vejle.

My basic challenges consisted in the fact that for a long time I have depended on others to be happy. I always think of others first and want to solve all their problems and make sure they were ok before I could “allow” myself to be happy. I wanted to change this so that my happiness would come more from myself and not depend on everyone else.

Throughout the course, we have worked both on the conscious mind through conversations and the subconscious mind through hypnosis. I have previously been to a regular psychologist and I think that hypnotherapy is much more effective. Working on both levels yields much better results.

Working on myself is a lifelong process, but through my time with Prue, I have taken the next big step and I am ready to make some necessary changes in my life.

I can really strongly recommend Prue, as I think she is, firstly, insanely skilled and pleasant as a therapist, but also, secondly, has the ability to make the process personal and focus on exactly what I need.

I think everyone could benefit from a course with Prue. Everyone has some things that they struggle with and it is a huge release to suddenly become aware of what is holding you back. Throw it out and start a new chapter with yourself. If you are in doubt as to whether this might be for you, then my recommendation would be to just do it.

An investment in oneself is, in my opinion, the best investment you can make.

Suffering from sadness and anxiety

Anja Krabbe
4 sessions

Dear Prue, thank you from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic journey over the past 5 weeks.
I write this greeting to you with tears of joy because I don’t think anyone has ever given me such a great gift, I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Here is my brief description of our process:
I contacted Prue during the summer holidays for help.
I struggled with anxiety, lack of self-esteem. I couldn’t take it anymore, was tired of fighting and had kind of given up inside. However, I knew that I might have a chance with hypnotherapy! My youngest daughter has been in therapy herself and it has given her so much, plus all her anxiety is gone and it’s been over a year since she went to hypnotherapy.
I had to try and wrote an email and sent it off.
I was called by Prue who told me that she would like to help me and we agreed on 4 sessions I should come.

My problem was, as I said, anxiety and a lack of faith in myself, which was often expressed through panic attacks (sweaty hands, dry mouth and an inner feeling of not being good enough).
Today I find it difficult to remember how I was 5 weeks ago, so much positive has happened inside me and it is such a fantastic feeling.

I was unsure when I started who I was, was confused, was nervous about whether I was doing something wrong, etc. I am surprised at how quickly I changed course and over the time of my 4 sessions I have been surprised each time by how much has filled my life and how amazing it is to get rid of the past and let go of it.

The hypnotherapy has taught me about my life, what I have been missing and where I should find myself, my strength, calmness, joy and will to find ‘the lion me’ and bring it out into the light.

Prue has shown me the way and she is incredibly talented and I am deeply impressed by what she has done for me. I give Prue 10 out of 10.

I will miss you Prue and thank you for your support.

You have shown me the way to what I could not find. I feel free now, relieved, happy, ready to work on and keep strengthening myself, now I know the way.

Big hugs from me,
Kind regards,
Anja Krabbe

Searching for help to find cause and connection between feelings and actions

Anne Dorte Wiin Sørensen
4 sessions

Dear Prue

Thank you very much for another fantastic time together and all your help and support.

When I sit down in front of you and talk about my feelings and thoughts, it is a gift to have your help in finding the cause and the connection between the feelings and the actions. Connections that I would not have found myself. For me, it is precisely the link between feeling and action and thought that gives me an understanding of my own situation and thus an acceptance.

It is a gift to know that I myself have all the answers and that I can get and achieve exactly what I want with the power of my thoughts. I use positive thinking and meditation every day as you recommended. It can be a bit difficult for me some days to find peace in a meditation, but I know my body needs it, and most importantly; I feel good!

I feel the joy in my body, the love for Simon, the hope and faith in the future, my energy has started to return, and now I act, on everything. I feel my body, thank it for the feedback, and then say yes/no. It has been a bit bombastic for my surroundings to feel how I have taken control of my own life, and only do what serves me, and do nothing for everyone else’s sake (which both I and others have been used to before).

I am the Lion in my life, and this lion I cultivate and take care of.

Thanks for helping me get the Lion in me back again.

You are doing a very big and important job in helping other people. I am so grateful and happy for all your help.

Love from
Anne Dorte Wiin Sørensen

After multiple depressions my self-esteem was close to non-existent

Else Høppner, Retiree, 68 years old
4 sessions

After several depressions, my self-esteem was very low. I suffered feeling guilt and shame.

I wanted to be present in life with joy.

The first depression started 18 years ago.

I got a very positive impression after the first session.

After each session I was reaffirmed in my decision to do something for myself and my family instead of a trip south. Every session was a huge eye-opener, many things fell into place within me.

I dared to face everyday life and see that I am not to blame for how I have felt for many years. Physically, I haven’t felt a change, maybe I enjoy nature a little more than before. My thoughts do not revolve around the past and the shame of having had to give up work and my everyday life that I had before my first depression. I am happier and don’t have to play comedy to cover up how I feel. I have found that the world does not end ‘even if the napkins do not match the tablecloth.’

The hypnosis experiences were both good, but also scary. They put my thoughts in motion and I came to realize that what I thought was to blame for how I feel, and might not be as meaningful after all.

The conversations and hypnosis treatments have had a very positive effect. I have realized that there is another path that I can follow. Before I only saw the bars in front of me (jail), now I can look sideways and choose differently (set myself free).

Whether I have successfully completed my process, only time can tell. I feel free and completely ready to live my life. After the 2nd session I didn’t have high expectations, I felt exposed, many of the things that came up I had repressed, but it all fell into place in the next sessions.

Prue is quite simply amazing. Her enthusiasm and empathy is completely unique, very professional and competent.

She always had an agenda, but no more fixed than there was time to dwell on the things that came up during the conversations.

I couldn’t wish for more or better than what we jointly created each time.

The surroundings are safe and you feel very welcome.

As you can probably see, I am very satisfied with the process and will certainly recommend you to others. Thank you for an enriching and good experience.

Life crisis - releasing the feelings of the past

Henriette Edri, Self-employed, 44 years old - Kolding
4 sessions

I came to Prue after my ex-husband had kidnapped my children abroad, and after a long and exhausting court case where I now faced having to get used to a new reality that I had no idea how to be in.

I wanted to allow myself to live a good life under the circumstances, and connect with the inexhaustible universal source of goodness that I know exists. I needed help to let go of my anger, self-blame, worry and find joy in life again.

Find the strength to be the best version of myself for my children’s sake, but also my own.

My earlier marriage was of a traumatic nature, and the feelings that emerged in therapy had been present for at least the last 10 years.

I had chosen to come to Prue because I had already met her in connection with her helping my husband’s nephew from Israel in a hypnotherapeutic treatment in Sep 2019. The initial conversations were comprehensive, inspiring, with a huge amount of knowledge behind them, and have opened and expanded an infinite world of inspiration and positive thinking.

My sessions were amazing!! The inner space in which I found myself, and the journey there, was an indescribable experience. I felt at ease with everything that happened and constantly had an overwhelming feeling of being in the best hands.

I am happier and more positive.

I have been able to partially let go of a burden that another person has represented for me, and it feels like I can breathe again. And when I fall back into old patterns, I can recognize that this is what is happening and now have tools to shut down all the “noise” in my head, and find my way back to where I want to be.

I often had claustrophobic thoughts, which I no longer have.

A limitation that we also worked with was my ability to drive. On the one hand, I love the freedom of it, and on the other hand, I often experienced an inexplicable fear in connection with driving. I haven’t had that since either.

The hypnotherapy sessions with Prue are the best thing I have ever done for myself, a true life changer.

I sincerely feel that in hypnotherapy there is the solution and the answer to how we as humans can find our way back to the right path and live a full and rich life.

In continuation of how good an experience I have had, my husband and I gave my husband’s daughter a course with Prue of 4 sessions. That sums up very well how satisfied and happy I am that our paths have crossed.

When you meet a person who does what they feel deep down is the only right thing for them to do, everything comes from the heart. And that’s how I experienced every encounter with Prue. She creates a safe and enriching space for self-development and gives a gift that goes far beyond the time spent in therapy itself. I feel a new confidence and security in the world because I know I can always return if I need to.

So yes, I will and continue to recommend Prue and the Hypnosis house in the knowledge that good things must be shared with each other.

The only thing I would have liked differently was that the self-hypnosis recording I had with me at home to listen to between our meetings was with Prue’s voice. It makes good sense that the voice you listen to in the treatments is also the voice you listen to on the audio at home.

The road to positive change

Anne-Lene Rye Andersen

Dear Prue,

Thank you so much for being my mentor and guide on the way to positive change. It has been truly insightful and life changing.

I will return with a feedback with my comments about the process.

There is still much to learn, but the foundations have been laid and I will continue on the same track.

Good to know that I can contact you again if I feel the need for additional help to move forward on the right track.

Thank you for all your direct teaching and many metaphors. I’m a fan of your spiritual/holistic view of life – I’ve learned a lot from it.

Many greetings,
Anne-Lene Rye Andersen

Was searching for help to let go of the past

Anni Hermansen

Dear Prue

Now a few days have passed where I have tested myself…..and it still works.

I feel happy, have a lot of energy and I am still practicing speaking up and calling my lion.

Nice meditation file you sent me.

It was a wonderful collaboration we had, and I think you are a talented, inspiring and empathetic therapist. I would recommend you at any time.

Have you seen the movie LION?

THANK YOU for this time.

With love, Anni Hermansen – Tørring

Who sought help to release the negative effects of her past and relationships

Depression and relationship issues

Henriette, Otterup
5 sessions

Hi Prue

First I want to thank you for your patience with me, I know it can be frustrating to sit with a person who can’t answer or express their feelings, but as I said, there’s probably a long way to go before I can feel again, since you say so rightly, it has been a long time that I have been in the same ‘Cat state’ and must learn to choose the good path and those thoughts toward it.

Regarding my progress with you, I can tell you that everything is fine now, since I still have my black holes, but what you have given me is that I have to get out of those holes and it has to be fast, so that I mustn’t go into the depressed state. That I have to change and I can do that just by changing my thoughts to something good..
It also occurred to me that I have actually attracted the same thing as a victim, even though I have taken responsibility, so now I know that I have to change my thoughts and feelings in order to attract the good in the universe.
It was a big thing to realize
because I thought I was doing the right thing by being good and orderly…
But I understand now, so thank you for that.

I know that I have a lot of work to do in my everyday life to get into a rhythm with the good thoughts and stay in them. But it is work that I have to do myself and that it will take some time, but just the fact that you have made me aware of it and that I have understood it and realized it, makes a big, big difference.

So thank you for your co-operation and thank you for giving me something to work with and I know that in the long run it will really help me….

I will call if I need a follow up later and until then, be well and take care of yourself.

I will definitely recommend you to others and have done so too…

With love, “Lion” Henriette

sought help against anxiety and with at desire to improve her daily life and family relations.


Dear Prue.

THANK YOU – it has been a pleasure! I am so grateful for your treatment (4 sessions)!

You are a wonderful person to work with. You have made it easy for me. Thanks!

I’ll take a look at feedback and get back to you.

Love Betina.

Seeking peace from past and relationships

Clara Torp, HR Manager, 34 years old
4 sessions

I wanted to find my self-irony, which I had lost during my period of stress. It also meant that I had to look at why I was so touchy and sensitive during ordinary conversation and comments.

I wanted to find peace in my life and a natural approach to humor and conversation. I definitely did not want to be influenced by everyday colleagues and friends as negatively as I was experiencing.
I have felt like this for a long time, approx. 4-6 months.

Prue has been really good at finding my problem. She has looked at my past, present and desire for the future and based on her assessment she has used tools toexplain how balance in my mind empowers me from ‘cat to lion’ frequency.

I am very satisfied and impressed with Prue’s approach to the task of finding my “I” in all of my mess. I have had sessions that were hard but also really good, very enlightening and sessions that have moved me forward a lot. I have under all sessions had full confidence in Prue’s qualities as a hypnotist and person.

Mental symptoms-
I have found a balance in my FM frequency (Lion), where today it is difficult to move to AM frequency (Cat). Mentally, I have become stable and can participate normally in conversations as I could before my stress.

Thought patterns-
My thought pattern from before has evaporated, where I no longer post comments and conversations directly on myself as a person, which previously made me a cat on a’ AM frequency.’ Now I am free of feeling like conversation is directly aimed at me personally, so I can therefore avoid ‘any strange things’ in conversations without problems. I have got peace and balance in mind.

Behavior patterns-
I can laugh again in conversations, and can see the fun in things that go wrong and have got a simple approach to my behavior when with other people. It’s like I found my ‘let it go’ button.

Behaviors and habits-
Much more is needed before I am forced to act on the development of a conversation, and I have a control over my body that I had lost in my stress period. I can find peace, even when others are in Cat/AM frequency, so I no longer relate to their frequency but keep my own good balance in the Lion/FM frequency instead. Therefore I act sensibly and calmly.

The reason behind my problem lies in several things, both from my relationship with my father in childhood and as a result of my stress in 2019-2020 which exacerbated the problem.

The hypnosis treatments and conversations have worked and had a positive effect.

I have felt since the first session that I have been improving and today I can enjoy

everyday life with self-irony and good conversations where I have peace of mind.

I feel successfully treated for what I came for.

I have previously been in treatment for my psychological problems with my father and was surprised that I hadn’t yet finished treating my psyche with daddy issues. But it was good and positive to get possibly, the last confirmation that his action shall no longer affect me.

Prue was quick to see the problem and also made it clear what I had to do myself to achieve my goals. She listened and asked the right questions that I saw could later be answered during the hypnosis.

I would not change anything, other than hypnotherapy be recognized as a general form of therapy, so you can get a little subsidy 😉 Let’s hope.

I think 100% that there was a professional and competent approach to the treatment and also think that Prue was good at seeing me as the person I am and still give personal professional treatment.

I have never drunk so much water in 2 hours, so I am extremely satisfied with the service.

I would recommend Prue Bach to others.

Clara Torp