Self-esteem and self-confidence

Needed help being herself again

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One of the best decisions I have made in my adult life has been coming to this therapy.

It has reminded me that my life belongs to me and helped me become myself again.

Such a powerful treatment!


Feeling wrong and inadequate

Linne Freja Østergaard
4 sessions

Dear Prue.

Thank you very much for your guidance and hypnosis in my process – from cat to lion

I really got a lot out of it and I am in the process of changing some fundamental beliefs about myself. It has been a fantastically good process that has given me a lot. You are very skilled!

“I called Prue after years of searching for a way to restore my faith in myself. I had a pervasive fear that was controlling my choices, as a result of years of feeling wrong and inadequate.

I quickly discovered that Prue sensed exactly what it was about. She helped me through conversation and hypnosis to become aware of my patterns and how I used them to keep myself trapped in the feeling of not being good enough.

After being in a process that spanned four sessions, I have now let go of what has held me back for many years from throwing myself into new adventures and expecting life to want the best for me.

She sent me audio files for self-hypnosis, as well as meditations that I still use diligently to support the change towards becoming a stronger, happier and healthier version of myself – THANK YOU Prue!

I can warmly recommend Prue and Hypnoseterapi Vejle, as I experienced a great degree of friendliness, knowledge and experience there”.

I am really looking forward to starting the course (to become a Hypnotherapist)- it seems SO right to me! Everything is good.

Linne Freja Østergaard

Low self-esteem

Annette Laursen
4 sessions

I’ve been 4 times with fantastic Prue.

I experienced low self-esteem and didn’t really believe in myself and unfortunately some other things. We turned that around together.

I can only recommend it so much.

With love, the proud Lion

Thank you sweet Prue!

Self-esteem and relationships

Anne Sofie Sørensen

4 sessions

Hi Prue

I am sending you a few words back as a reflection on the process I had with you.

When I came to you I was very curious about what hypnotherapy is and what it would be able to do for me.

My experience has been that it has been a very intense process and there has been a lot to digest and take in over a short time.

I find the idea of working with the subconscious and the things stored in the body really exciting and interesting.

What I mainly take away from our sessions is to think about when it is the ‘cat or the lion’ who is allowed to speak. I can feel that it is a long process to change the inner dialogue, but being aware of it is the first step towards creating a change.

I also think more about when the thoughts take over and the awareness of being able to decide when I want to stop the flow of thoughts.

I have gained a belief that what I want in this life I can get by believing in it, being purposeful about it, thinking about it with positive thoughts and feeling how it will be.

I have also become aware of working on being more in the present and not constantly thinking about the future, because in doing so I rob myself of the opportunity to enjoy what I have right now.

Thank you for a good time.

Best regards from Anne Sofie Sørensen

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Male Business Intelligence Manager, 46 years old - Børkop
4 sessions

My wish was to be able to stand up for myself and be myself without any worries about what others think.

Create a better self-esteem relative to my partner.

Generally just be me (take it or leave it attitude)

I wanted much better inner balance and faith in myself.

I have had the problem for 10 years.

I think the conversations before the hypnosis were good and very detailed in terms of how the whole process should proceed.

The hypnosis sessions were exciting to try, but sometimes too borderline, but that’s part of the game.

Mental symptoms – less stress, better inner peace, more mentally robust.

Physical symptoms – pressure in the chest has disappeared

Thought patterns – much more clear thinking

Patterns of behavior – I don’t let myself be pressured by other people

Hypnosis experiences were personally challenging, but the experiences were super good, and gave a lot to think about afterwards. I am still thinking about my session experiences.

Hypnosis treatments and conversations have had a very positive effect.

Right now I feel in good balance and I don’t need any subsequent treatments. But should this change over time, I will definitely do it again. .

I think Prue is super good and hits the spot on some of my issues, but she also has a super good energy, which is important.

There was certainly a professional and competent approach to the treatment and the level of service was high.

I would definitely recommend Prue Bach and hypnotherapy to others.

Low self-esteem and self-confidence

Anonymous, 45 years old
4 sessions

I came to Prue with a feeling of not being able to live the life I wanted deep down. Sad/depressed and frustrated – also because I was in a relationship where I felt I had lost myself more and more. I felt poor self-esteem and self-confidence.

I have been happy and comfortable coming to Prue. Through conversation, she tracked down where my problems could have started and where I am sabotaging myself. In a very professional, positive, caring and thorough way, she guided me, first through conversation and later in hypnosis, to new thought patterns and self-perception. I felt incredibly safe the whole way.

I have felt the change in the way that I can feel my core, my wishes and needs much more clearly. In a way, I feel that I have a bubble around me where I myself am inside. This bubble is filled with security, self-esteem, self-confidence, will, positivity, spirit and strength. It’s just nice to be here, because I feel strong and not easy to knock over. I have found the creativity that I have so much of and the ideas are bubbling. I am happy and satisfied with the change I have felt.

I am still in my relationship, but I have become more convinced that maybe this is not where I should be if I am to have the opportunity to be the version of ME that I want.

The cause of my problems went back to my childhood, when I didn’t feel I was worth loving. Through hypnosis, I was guided back into my childhood, where I was given the opportunity to forgive my parents and myself. I think it made very good sense to get all the way back to childhood via hypnosis, because ordinary conversation in the waking state, I have experienced, has not been able to produce the same effect.

I definitely think the hypnosis treatments have worked. As long as I am in the relationship I am in now, I must work to preserve the good feeling and the “bubble” that I described. Therefore, it may well be later that I will have a few more sessions.

I would definitely recommend others to get hypnosis treatment if they are suffering from problems that they cannot really get to the bottom of through ordinary talk therapy.

Prue is a really sweet and loving therapist who, in a super professional and competent way, has given me the tools to move on in life, in the way I wanted.

I can only give the best recommendation.

Sincerely, me

Low self-esteem

Female Therapist - Silkeborg
4 sessions

My low self-esteem has followed me for many years and as it turns out, with different faces.

How have you felt your change (physically and psychologically) – behavior, habits, mindset, feelings –

Relatively quickly, I think you dived into a layer where I myself have not been able to get down. The knowledge you have handed down to me is in a way familiar – I just couldn’t feel it – but now I can! I felt a big change from 2-3. session and 4th session put it all in place.

I came home and I feel how I am bubbling with energy inside. I am also completely comfortable with having you with me as a cheerleader when I need it along the way – it gives me courage.

How did you experience our sessions – both the conversations and hypnosis –

Incredibly rewarding – you speak and think quickly – but I think that’s a really good thing for such an analytical brain like mine – and hard-programmed brain like mine – which also tends to work quickly – so it created a space around me, where I lowered the parades and there was direct access (if I have to describe the energy in the room).

It was enormously effective with the conversations before the hypnosis – this is where I really felt a difference in feeling myself – as you created a space with deep focus and kept us on the path…

Something that has surprised –

I am surprised at how deep an effect the conversations and hypnosis have had – and I am very surprised at how clearly it became clear that we are SO programmed in our lives – and what a liberation with the feeling of being ‘one’s own master in one’s own house!’.

Your conclusion about treatment and me as a therapist –

You are insanely good at what you do – and at staying on the overall level – no ‘belly button digging’ (thank God). You are super sharp at articulating everything so that it makes sense and it can BE FELT! It has really moved me (in my development) wildly in the 4 sessions we have had. It is difficult to describe, but how thrilling it is with the extent I have come in contact with my own presence, which has been absent. The amazing thing is that when you are in this flow, the whole universe aligns and you yourself become the captain of your own ship.

Super nice the way you use the picture and metaphors – it settles in the visual memory.

Something you wanted different –

Not really – I am deeply grateful that you have shown me the way home – because I was a little lost.

If you would recommend me –


Who and how could this kind of process benefit others – person/situation/company/industry-

I think that everyone will really benefit from it – you mentioned yourself 80% go in a programmed cat mode … and we need more lions out there to inspire and spread the good warm energy of love and excess. The children of the earth are little lions and it is very close to my heart that we cherish their energy in deep respect for what they bring – we are some who are the standard bearers – and have an obligation to look after the little creatures – so that the world becomes continues to be a place with empathy, love, openness and, not least, diversity.

Thank you for you and what you do!