Anxiety, bad conscience and envy

Monica, Retiree, 64 years old - Vejle
4 sessions

I started with an anxiety problem. But while in conversations with Prue, other problems have also arisen, such as bad conscience toward my children and feelings of envy.

I have had different experiences which have shown me that I had to change something. I have had it for many years.

It was a long and intensive conversation with Prue. I could tell my whole story without feeling stressed or rushed. Prue has hit the right issues with her questions, plus we were able to find out that there were more issues than just anxiety.

At first it was a strange sensation that I could not open my eyes during hypnosis, although I heard and felt everything else. But after some time, I could open up completely and everything could come out of me. It hurt and I felt very vulnerable, but understood that was necessary for the therapy.

I feel my change in that I got a completely different image of myself. I have become much more positive about myself. I learnt other thought patterns. I got to know the cat and the lion, and work on things with the two of them. I’m not so afraid anymore.

I have come to Prue with anxiety problems and ended up with solutions for several other problems.

The hypnosis treatments and conversations have absolutely had a positive effect.

I feel like a whole new person, free of anxiety and in processing other reasons/issues.

I’m successfully treated.

Prue is an absolutely fantastic therapist. She has opened me up and has given me so much help, even after the treatment with many good thoughts. Today I can continue to work with all the tools she taught me.

I am so grateful for her therapy.

Nothing could have been better or wanted differently.

There was a professional and competent approach to the treatment and a high level of service.

I would certainly recommend Prue Bach and hypnotherapy to others.

I heard very positive things about Prue before, so I chose Prue and it turned out to be right.

Thank you very much

Anxiety- in general and afraid of losing

Mette Hornskov Nielsen, Technical Designer, 29 years old - Jelling
4 sessions

I wanted help to be happy, confident and not afraid of losing. I didn’t feel good going to work.

I’ve had it bad for many years. I’ve worked really hard to forget what it felt like to be me. I was in a bad relationship until I turned 21.

The process started with me having to tell about myself. Prue asked about my life and what I have experienced. It was really pleasant to talk to Prue as she seemed genuinely interested in hearing what my problems were and gave explanations as to why I had a stomach ache and explained how powerful the power of thought is.

The hypnosis itself the first time was a wild experience – the hypnosis was very rewarding and I could see it for myself. Prue is really good at guiding you and keeping you on track. I was full of energy and joy after the first hypnosis session and thought it was the right choice to ask the establishment for help.

The next sessions were a bit scary for me and I was completely afraid that it would not get better as I actually became sad after number 2 and 3 hypnosis session. Prue explained again how much happens inside the body and I had probably hoped for a quick fix. She talked about new pathways that are created inside the brain when the new methods that I have learned are used. I now think a lot about being the lion and not the cat.

The last session we had was very rewarding and I now have a peace in my body that I have not felt for a long time.

I used to have thoughts all the time that said I wasn’t good enough – that thought pattern I feel is almost “forgotten” or hidden further away. It’s so wonderful.

I’ve gotten better at thinking ‘delete’ or it’s not my problem but someone else’s. I’m learning to be more selfish. I suffered from daily stomach aches and tremors due to anxiety. It’s much better because I don’t think so much anymore.

I have become better at taking care of myself and thinking about what I want and not what others want me to do. It’s a completely different world to live in.

I think more positively and don’t have swarms of thoughts like before and if it comes up I’ve learned how to get out of it again.

I know it’s not a quick fix but a new way of seeing the world.

I have been hospitalized twice this year with inflammation of the renal pelvis and Prue has told me that anxiety is (in the kidneys)

My stomach works better after having this treatment with Prue and I am really happy about that.

My time with Prue has taught and changed me for the postive with many more good thoughts and a method to stop bad ones.

I would definitely recommend hypnosis to others.

Prue is really good at listening and explaining things if you come up with problems that you don’t understand yourself.

There was a very professional and competent approach to the treatment.

I would definitely recommend Prue Bach to others. I really felt heard and seen.

Dear Prue, Thank you very much for your great help. It means so much! THANKS

Anxiety, depression and self-esteem

Ditte Højland, CEO, 30 years old
4 sessions

I wanted help for low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

What I wanted was to find a more sustainable way of living, where I didn’t keep falling into the same negative thought patterns.

It has been recurring throughout my adult life, but it has been very difficult to deal with for the past 2-3 months.

I finished treatment on 05.10.2022.

The conversations before the hypnosis session were very inspiring and helped me gain a better understanding of my own process. I was surprised that some insights that I had not been able to get clear on my own, stood out very clearly in these conversations, and took root in a completely different way. I experienced Prue as very committed and empathetic and the conversations gave me a feeling of being able to succeed in the change I was looking for.

The experience of the hypnosis sessions was very pleasant. Even when negative emotions were in focus, I felt confidently guided through the experience. I had some big aha experiences, where problems I had not recognized as particularly significant at all, turned out to be enormously significant. I would not have been able to work with these problems without hypnosis, as it would be too difficult to get behind my convictions about the causes of the issues in my life.

Mental symptoms-

I have become much happier and have gained a completely different inner peace and strength to feel for what is good for me. It has become much easier for me to accept myself.

Physical symptoms –

I have gained more energy and have become better at feeling e.g. hunger and fatigue, which I had difficulty reacting to previously. This means that my blood sugar is much more stable and I sleep better and more at night.

Thought patterns –

My thought patterns have completely changed. I have not had anxiety attacks at all, which I had almost daily before the course. I think much more lovingly about myself.

Behavioral patterns, ways of doing things, habits –

I have become much better at acting appropriately on what my intuition tells me. I’ve gotten better at setting boundaries

The hypnosis treatments and the conversations prior to hypnosis have worked and had a very positive effect and yes, I have finished treatment for what I came for!

Prue was both present and inspiring to talk to, and was good at shifting and changing my experience of myself and my problems in a very insightful way.

There is nothing that could have been better or that I wished was done differently.

It was a professional and competent approach to the treatment and a high level of service.

I would definitely recommend Prue and have already done so several times!

Help against anxiety and with at desire to improve her daily life and family relations.

Betina, Social and Health Assistant, 30 years old
5 sessions

Dear Prue

THANK YOU – it has been a pleasure, I am so grateful for your treatment!

You are a wonderful person to work with. You have made it easy for me. Thank you!

I have had 4 sessions with Prue and after 5 months a post session.

My treatment with Prue has changed my life for the better. For several years I have flown in and out of depression and struggled with many personal problems.

Prue has managed to get my inner self back, I feel whole again. I experience a power and strength like never before. I have become rock solid, confident and I dare to stand by my own opinion again.

I believe again that I am good enough!

I have had big problems in my life that I never thought could be solved – but Prue has managed to shift all the pain in mind and body. I never feel these problems anymore.

Prue has helped all the discomfort and anxiety out of my body. I can only give the best and warmest recommendations for Prue – everyone should give themselves a course! It can only give strength, courage and power to one’s life and to the challenges that may arise.


Exam anxiety


Hi Prue

I’ve just had an exam. I wasn’t as nervous as I used to be. Have been sleeping restlessly, but nothing compared to how it usually is. I went out with a number 12, so am so satisfied.
Thank you very much for your help, I am so happy with the progress I can already see and feel.

Friendly Regards

Exam anxiety and self-esteem

Frederikke Juncher Høeg - Copenhagen

Multiple consultations over the years

Briefly about Prue

  • Accommodating
  • Understanding
  • Loving
  • Constructive – good at identifying problems and coming up with examples that make it easier to visualize what needs to be worked on
  • Confidence-inspiring
  • Takes time

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Prue’s for a few years.

Prue is always open and quick to find an appointment when I have requested it, often at short notice.

I was with Prue for the first time for hypnotherapy autumn/winter 2018/2019. Prue was looking for clients to take part in the final part of her training, where I was lucky enough to have my mum contact Prue on my behalf – at the time I didn’t even think I needed the help Prue could offer me.

I would describe myself as being very self-aware and goal-oriented, and good at articulating my feelings. Since I am studying a natural science education, with which both as a person and through my studies I am strongly influenced by the natural scientific way of thinking, I have not had much faith in hypnotherapy. That you can work with your subconscious in this way was a completely unknown world to me.

That’s why I initially went into hypnotherapy with a bit of skepticism, but this was quickly laid to rest.

I was greeted by Prue; she is an enormously warm, embracing, present and welcoming person. She listens, is incredibly trustworthy, skilled and competent. She creates a safe environment and an atmosphere that creates the perfect setting for hypnosis.

My problem has been exam anxiety and thus a lack of confidence in my own abilities. I have used Prue on many occasions, at regular intervals, among other things leading up to major exams at my university, where I have needed to let go of the negative and unconstructive thoughts that pervaded. For me, the feelings and thoughts I experienced were all-consuming and destructive. I have experienced in the past that they have prevented me from performing professionally because my head had decided in advance that I could not figure it out. In exam situations, my body was restless, I was scared, sad and resigned. I was stressed and had countless sleepless nights with all kinds of worries flying around in my head.

Hypnotherapy with Prue is the most important and best “card to have at hand”.

I always leave Prue with renewed energy, feel relieved, have gained new perspectives on things, new ways of thinking and looking at my situation, as well as something to work on at home. All after just one or very few sessions.

Prue is incredibly talented and has helped me move mountains and work on issues I never thought possible to work on. She is thorough and always takes her time, and is also efficient in her treatments. Prue is constructive and good at explaining, she uses illustrations and pictures that make it easy for the client to understand and visualize new thoughts and patterns.

I always feel in the best hands with Prue.

Prue is and has helped push me in a good direction, in ways I don’t always fully understand. I have gained insight into my problem, where my exam anxiety originated from.

My experience was that it all fell into place in my head, like beads on a string, it all came together and suddenly it made sense.

Since then, I have started to think much more positively, and experience almost no exam anxiety anymore. Instead, I go to the exam: with an open mind, calm and with confidence in my own abilities – something I never thought possible before. I always get confirmation of that, and more, when I’m with Prue.

I live in Copenhagen, but like to travel across the country to come to Prue.

It’s hard to describe the help Prue has given me so you can understand how amazing it is what Prue can do.

She is and will be the best and most skilled hypnotherapist that I keep coming back to when I face challenges in my life.

Life crisis - claustrophobic thoughts and fear of driving

Henriette Edri, Self-employed, 44 years old - Kolding
4 sessions

I came to Prue after my ex-husband had kidnapped my children abroad, and after a long and exhausting court case where I now faced having to get used to a new reality that I had no idea how to be in.

I wanted to allow myself to live a good life under the circumstances, and connect with the inexhaustible universal source of goodness that I know exists. I needed help to let go of my anger, self-blame, worry and find joy in life again.

Find the strength to be the best version of myself for my children’s sake, but also my own.

My earlier marriage was of a traumatic nature, and the feelings that emerged in therapy had been present for at least the last 10 years.

I had chosen to come to Prue because I had already met her in connection with her helping my husband’s nephew from Israel in a hypnotherapeutic treatment in Sep 2019. The initial conversations were comprehensive, inspiring, with a huge amount of knowledge behind them, and have opened and expanded an infinite world of inspiration and positive thinking.

My sessions were amazing!! The inner space in which I found myself, and the journey there, was an indescribable experience. I felt at ease with everything that happened and constantly had an overwhelming feeling of being in the best hands.

I am happier and more positive.

I have been able to partially let go of a burden that another person has represented for me, and it feels like I can breathe again. And when I fall back into old patterns, I can recognize that this is what is happening and now have tools to shut down all the “noise” in my head, and find my way back to where I want to be.

I often had claustrophobic thoughts, which I no longer have.

A limitation that we also worked with was my ability to drive. On the one hand, I love the freedom of it, and on the other hand, I often experienced an inexplicable fear in connection with driving. I haven’t had that since either.

The hypnotherapy sessions with Prue are the best thing I have ever done for myself, a true life changer.

I sincerely feel that in hypnotherapy there is the solution and the answer to how we as humans can find our way back to the right path and live a full and rich life.

In continuation of how good an experience I have had, my husband and I gave my husband’s daughter a course with Prue of 4 sessions. That sums up very well how satisfied and happy I am that our paths have crossed.

When you meet a person who does what they feel deep down is the only right thing for them to do, everything comes from the heart. And that’s how I experienced every encounter with Prue. She creates a safe and enriching space for self-development and gives a gift that goes far beyond the time spent in therapy itself. I feel a new confidence and security in the world because I know I can always return if I need to.

So yes, I will and continue to recommend Prue in the knowledge that good things must be shared with each other.

The only thing I would have liked differently was that the self-hypnosis recording I had with me at home to listen to between our meetings was with Prue’s voice. It makes good sense that the voice you listen to in the treatments is also the voice you listen to on the audio at home.

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