Bad habits

Sought help to stop her bad habits

Hildur Edelberg - Silkeborg

Dear Prue

I would like to thank you for the very good treatment. I have gained a lot from my time with you.

I have complied with my 3 months without alcohol, with not eating after 7 pm and have had a really good time with both.

And the very best is – being able to set a goal and stick to it.

It has also been great to wake up without negative thoughts.

I get exercise in.

I prioritize myself, for example, I am currently on an educational course – and I have stuck to it, even though I’m actually too busy.

And then I lost weight. 3.5 kg. It’s not that much, but it’s slowly going in the right direction and I’m very satisfied!

So thank you very much!

Many greetings,

Hildur Edelberg

Sought help to let go of the past and alcohol

Female - Northern Jutland
4 sessions

My primary motivation was to stop my daily glass of wine that I was “attached to” and also the smoking in the evening. Over the month and a half waiting to meet you, my list expanded as I thought many things would be nice to get rid of: childhood issues regarding my parents, body pains, need to increase my positive thoughts and outlook on life, and lose a bit of weight.

How have you experienced your changes?

  • I managed to control the urge to my evening glass of wine after the second night, which I couldn’t do before and over a month later, I don’t think about it much and it has become the new me and I am super happy with it. It’s probably more the fact that I can control my impulse which is great.
  • I don’t take unconscious snacks anymore and I am much more mindful about it.
  • I don’t let so much negativity come into my head, because of hurt in the past and I am encouraging my brain to replace the negative image by positive ones to reset my brain to a new past. It is not being tricked so easily, but we are working on it, and I will not give up. Slow but steady progress.
  • I have been more calm and composed and reflect more on myself. I look ahead, less back

Did anything surprise you?

  • The belief that my mum was the core issue of my lack of attachment.
  • That I talked a lot under hypnosis and could come up with good reasoning on how I was feeling
  • The fact that I was not best pleased with the “other me ” : at the beginning I didn’t think I could make it happen and talk to the other me until I started crying and your explanations and findings of why that other me was protecting me, that was very liberating in fact.
  • Being able to picture myself as a baby and the clarity of it and how emotional it was.
  • The amount of emotion I was loaded with and let go during the session. I generally don’t cry – 3 or 4 times a year – but I have cried enough for the rest of my life. It indicated all those raw emotions that couldn’t wait to surface and be taken care of.
  • A lot of communication at the beginning and a lot of explanations. At times, my mind was a bit overloaded. I think you share your passion and you want to give as much back as possible, I certainly took a lot home and I am investigating a lot with a lot you said. I didn’t feel I had a chance to absorb it all and process it as there was so much. Maybe you adapt your techniques depending on who you have in front of you and know how to explain thing. I think it was fascinating, nevertheless.
  • I thought stopping to smoke would be easier than stopping to drink. But obviously not. That was a big surprise. Or maybe I am not ready, but I really felt ready.

The treatment was great! Very intense, fantastic experience, passionate and you gave me lots of time. I could feel all along that your goal above anything else is to help people find a new path and find peace and harmony in their soul. You are vibrating with good and positive energy and you are the best example that we can all have what you have.

I recommend you. Everything ran perfectly. The hypnotherapy worked. This experience had a profound impact on me – Prue made me understand a lot about the past, the present and the future and gave me a lot of tips and I am very grateful for this. She went out of her way to help me with my long shopping list.

I am using meditation every day or hypnosis with some apps. I look forward to it very much and it helps me. It’s a great journey ahead that I look forward to.

Thank you for all the time you have given me and your big heart.

Sought help to get rid of insomnia

Mie - Odder
3 sessions

What I wanted was that I would like to have a full night’s sleep every night.

I have had insomnia for 12 years.

The conversations before the hypnosis itself were a bit too informative, hard to remember.

The hypnosis sessions were safe and comfortable. It was simple and without ‘voo doo’.

Mental symptoms – Yes, more faith in myself

Physical symptoms – Yes, more rested

Thought patterns- Yes, I think: ‘I can’ and not ‘I can’t sleep’

Behavioral patterns, ways of doing things and habits – I don’t have that,’ many things to do during the day in order for me to sleep at night.’

It is difficult to explain what ‘happens’ in hypnosis, because nothing dramatic ‘happens’. It is actually a quiet and calm talk.

The hypnosis treatments and conversations have worked and had a positive effect as I sleep now because I control my thoughts and myself. I’m successfully done for what I came for.

What surprised me was that it was so easy.

Prue is welcoming, understanding, energetic; I felt comfortable.

The conversation before hypnosis could have be a little shorter if I wanted something different.

There was clearly a professional and competent approach to the treatment. All was well.

I would definitely recommend Prue Bach and the establishment to others.

Long term nail biting has stopped completely

Lasse Lund
1 session

Hi Prue,

I would like to start by saying thank you very much for a few really good hours together (1 session).

In addition to the nail-biting problem, I got a lot out of our good talk and have honestly noticed a difference in my daily life afterwards.

The nail biting has completely stopped and I have never had such nice and completely ordinary nails in 20 years 🙂 I am honestly very proud of myself and very grateful for your help.

I am writing a review on your page and have already recommended you to a colleague 🙂

Once again, thank you very much for your help,

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year 🙂

Best regards,
Lasse Lund

Bad habit of biting the inner side of my cheeks and my lips

Julie - Aarhus
3 sessions

‘I have a habit of biting the inner side of my cheeks and my lips. The last 2 years it has become really bad and I do it lots of times during the day. I try to stop it but it happens totally unconsciously. It is worst when I’m using my head – working.’

Hi Prue

I hope you had a good weekend.

It has simply gone so well for me after our last session – also at work

That’s why I thought if we could perhaps postpone the fourth session a bit, so that I can see how it goes and get a better sense of what we might work on?

Thank you so much for your help so far – it’s really made a difference!

With best regards

Quit smoking- long-term

Kalle Nielsen - Vejle
1 session

Dear Prue

It is today, 492 days since I stopped smoking and it is clearly thanks to your help.

Thank you very much for the help.

I am still impressed by your professional approach to the task and your lovely calming way of helping me on the right path. Hypnotherapy can help so many people with different challenges.

Can warmly recommend you and your skills.

Thanks for you.
Love Kalle

For many years I have had a sugar addiction

Theepha Krishna, Consultant, 31 years old - Herning
4 sessions

I have had a big sugar craving for many years. I wanted to control of my sugar cravings which I have had since I was a child.

I had no expectations as I haven’t heard of anyone trying it. I just read online and thought it might be interesting to try. I am also a trained dietitian, so I had control over my diet and exercise often. But there was still something psychological that made me eat a lot of sugar in the evening.

I am VERY surprised at how positive it has been. After 1 session, Prue had done something, so there was a constant blockade between my thought of sugar and sugar. I didn’t think about sugar at all and when people asked, I automatically said ”no thanks”. More and more people told me it was crazy how I had stopped snacking. So already after the first session, Prue had hit something that made me have no sugar cravings. Already at the first session I felt a sense of security with Prue.  Prue was so calm and really good at explaining things in a language you could understand and even feel!

Session 2 was more profound. Here she got hold of the cause of my sugar cravings. This is the reason why I chose session 3 and 4. I am so glad I chose session 3 and 4 as it has allowed me to close something from my childhood that has been bothering me for many years. I would therefore always recommend that people take all 4 sessions, especially if you find out in session 2 why you have had this sugar craving.

I still have a feeling today of being GRATEFUL to have met Prue. I try every day to remember all the positive things she has taught me.

Mental symptoms-
Mentally, she has healed me 100%, if you can say that. I had so many negative thoughts in my everyday life, which filled up a lot. I actually have no negative thoughts and if people are negative I am good at saying that my life is too short for negative thoughts.

Physical symptoms –
I am much more healthy and active. I enjoy my training much more and my walks are worth their weight in gold and not just something I have to get over. I am more active with my child too.

Thought Patterns –
I only have positive thoughts and no negative ones. I am good at forgetting the negative and turning it into something positive and being grateful for the life I have.

I would like to keep the cause of the problem private. But it is from my childhood and to do with some parents who worked a lot. It was nice and relaxed being in hypnosis. Prue has helped me stop and actually live life now – so I don’t have to work as much as my parents did, I’d rather live life now, by being there for my child and watching him grow up. I’ve stopped too with working in the evening and only when he is in daycare.

YES YES, without a doubt, the hypnosis treatments and conversations have worked and had a positive effect. I have been to a psychologist and this is much better and more useful. Hypnosis can be used in your life right here and now, also for the rest of your life.

I definitely feel completely treated. I have achieved a positive change that I never thought would happen. I am grateful every day for having met Prue.

Prue has done everything well. She is so calm, present, positive and just nice. A person you really dare to open up to. I liked that she had written notes so she could remember EVERYTHING I had said, it really shows that she is passionate about her work.

There is nothing that could have been better or that I wished differently.

There was a professional and competent approach to the treatment. Prue had it under control. She didn’t read anything or anything like that. She was good at coming up with useful examples that made sense in relation to where I was in life and what I had to change. Service level was high.

I would recommend Prue Bach and hynosis therapy to others. I give Prue Bach the warmest recommendations and the establishment is lucky to have her. I actually miss my conversations with Prue because I felt like I was flying higher and higher with each session. But right now, I’ve ended up in a place where I can see my WHOLE life changing into a lot of positives. The sugar cravings are gone, I have a normal relationship with sugar now – I FEEL GOOD

Sugar addiction and release of trauma

Jeanette Therkildsen - Kolding
4 sessions

I was in treatment with Prue for 4 sessions.

I wanted to get rid of my huge sugar addiction – which I have had since my very early teenage years and thereby also get rid of a few kilos.

In collaboration with Prue, I really succeeded in getting a different angle on sugar – an understanding of why I did what I did as well as a completely NEW INTERNAL understanding that sugar does not benefit me in any way. It gave me an understanding that by letting sugar go I can get even more out of life.

Now, 14 days after our time together, I can state that I have had virtually no withdrawals, and my desire for food has changed in a significantly healthier direction, which means that I have already lost weight.

During our 4 sessions together, we really effectively cleaned up the traumas from my whole life that lay behind my issues.

Prue has a fantastic radiance and is full of positive energy. She is keenly perceptive and quick, in a fine combination with great empathy. At the same time, she manages to create a safe environment.

I am impressed with Prue’s skills and can highly recommend her

Sought hypnosis to let go of his sugar addiction to lose weight

Male, 43 years old - Vejle
2 sessions

Aim: Relieve sugar cravings to lose weight which I have had a problem with since childhood.

The conversations before hypnosis were thorough and positive and the hypnosis sessions hit the spot and were powerful.

I lost 7kg in about 1 month, changed my thinking patterns to more positive ones, where I look up and I am much more approachable. I eat healthier, and more easily steer clear of what is not good for me. A big bonus is that I feel that I have been helped to change my mindset, so that I can shut down bad thoughts much faster. It is easier for me to stay focused on what is good for me.

The cause of the problem was old habits.

The hypnosis experiences were easy for me to relate to as Prue created a safe atmosphere during the hypnosis. The hypnosis treatments and conversations have worked and had a surprisingly good effect. Prue was good at making me see new paths. I feel completely treated successfully.

It surprised me that based on a few conversations you can change an old habit from one day to the next.

Prue was very skilled and present. It could not have been better. There was a very professional and competent approach to the treatment, where the level of service was absolutely perfect.

I would recommend Prue Bach.

Thank you for your help, Marco.

Wanted to get rid of sugar cravings and lose weight

Anonymous, Marketing, 51 years old
4 sessions

For many years I have weighed too much and worked too much and been really bad at taking care of myself. I have eaten too much food and way too much candy. And had periods when I was either active in terms of training and other periods when I was completely inactive. So overall, my desire was to get rid of the sugar cravings and hopefully lose weight as a result. But I also had a desire to work with the patterns and beliefs that were the reason why I sabotaged what I wanted.

I wished I could – stop eating candy and sweet things, that I could live a more active lifestyle, where I was better at self-care and where I could work less, that I was in control and not the other way around. I wanted a life with more energy and a more active lifestyle.

The conversations before the hypnosis were really valuable. Prue is really good at seeing the whole of you and so good at asking about the right things and getting to the core of what needs to be worked on. You get many aha experiences along the way.

It is difficult to describe hypnosis. It’s as if you’re fully awake and aware and know what you’re saying, yet sometimes you say something you didn’t expect. And the things that are said by Prue mysteriously go into the subconscious and in just a few sessions can change some patterns and thoughts that you have been with for years and could not do anything about yourself. It works 😊

I have definitely felt a huge change! I have gained more peace inside. It’s as if I finally stand up for myself and acknowledge myself – all of me. Accept that I contain both the positive sides and the shadow sides. And embrace it. I think more positively. I am also more aware of thinking positive thoughts and stopping myself if I get too many thoughts.

I have become a bit more active than before. My constant craving for sweets has completely disappeared. The urge stopped after 3 sessions and has not returned. Since the last session, I have eaten cake and ice cream on 3 occasions which were in social contexts. I was anxious to see if it would backfire, but it didn’t. I can control the urge and eat something if I feel like it when I’m social, but when I’m at home I find that even though I might want a treat, I don’t want sweets at all. In that case I come up with an alternative solution. I have a bag of gold caramels lying around which has been in the cupboard for several weeks. It would never have happened before. It’s a very strange but really amazing feeling. For SO many years I’ve been used to craving candy every single day, not being able to walk past the candy shelf in the supermarket without buying something, always having something in my cupboards. So it’s really nice to feel like I’ve got control back.

There is no doubt that the hypnosis treatments have worked! As I said, my sugar cravings have completely disappeared. And at the same time I have solved some of the underlying issues that were to blame for me eating far too much sugar. I feel complete with the things I sought treatment for. And it also gives me peace of mind that I now know that if I discover other inappropriate patterns, I know where I can find help to solve it.

Prue is fantastic 😊 both as a therapist and as a person. She is of course professional and competent but also really present, authentic and with good energy. She is good at seeing you, healing you and asking the right questions. It makes her so sharp at finding the exact problem to be worked on in that day’s session. She has an approach that combines the scientific and the spiritual, which for me means that she is truly inspiring and motivating in her way of working. I have solved the things I came for via hypnosis, but have also received tips for tools and inspiration that you can work with yourself to strengthen your personal development outside of the sessions. In my case, some examples are, within areas such as meditation, mindset and manifestation.

I have already recommended both Prue and the establishment to others. It works 😊

Sought help to get in control of her sugar cravings


Dear Prue,

Well now some time has passed and I would like to start by saying THANK YOU.

Both for the fantastic process we had and because I have really noticed results. It is SO amazing.

In general, I can tell you that my sugar cravings are COMPLETELY gone. I haven’t eaten any sweets since we last saw each other. I’ve eaten ice cream a few times in social contexts, but it hasn’t made me fall back into old patterns. I can’t remember if I’ve ever felt that way. I just don’t have the urge or desire. It isn’t because I say I am not allowed to. So of course I hope this will last the rest of my life 🙂

I also think I am more calm inside and I have become better at noticing what I want as well as saying yes or no to things – in other words I am the LION 🙂 There is still a little way to go, but it is much better than it has ever been.

Whether or not I can manage ‘not working too much’, I don’t know yet as I haven’t started work again yet. But I know I have you as a backup if it is needed.

So again, thank you very much for a fantastic collaboration. And THANK YOU for helping me eliminate my eternal sugar cravings. I am SO grateful.

Have a great weekend,

Wanted a better relationship to candy and sweets


Hi Prue

Thank you very much for the last time and for your emails.

I have downloaded 6 phases meditation 🙂

Yes, at the time of writing it has been 35 hours since I last ate sweets or similar 🙂

It’s been a number of years since I abstained from sweets for 35 hours – if I count dark chocolate.

I think about sweets – but can stay away from them.

After our last two sessions this January, I have gained a completely new insight and understanding. Thanks 🙂

And the videos you sent me – just watched the one with Esther Hicks and Dr Joe Dispenza and the one with the explanation – they further develop my understanding.

I sit again and think that there is such a good chemistry and understanding between us – and it means so much for me to take it in – for the understanding.

I love your energy and your commitment – even if it means you sometimes talk fast 🙂

I am really glad that you find time to send the various things after our sessions.

Louise Hay in particular I have been around for many years – on/off. Have seen the film where she works with HIV infected people. She has some of what I myself would like to radiate and be, in terms of energy.

I listened to Esther/Abraham a lot a few years ago – and they keep popping up.

Thanks for this time 🙂

The best greetings,

Was having issues with sugar addiction

Jette S. Nielsen - Billund
5 sessions

Dear Prue,

What the problem was and how long you have had it

I came to hypnosis with the aim of getting my sugar cravings under control. I had thought that I was probably a person who very easily becomes “addicted” to things that are supposed to sweeten my life.

I started smoking cigarettes when I was approx. 12 years, and from the age of 35 I drank far too much. I had no control over it. I also smoked and drank even though I didn’t feel like it. The alcohol was probably the worst. I could sit at work and think: today I’m just driving home from work, no problem buying a bottle of red wine. BUT when I was sitting there in the car on the way home, I couldn’t control myself at all. So the wine was bought and drunk in record time so I could fall asleep on the sofa.

When I moved home to Billund after 23 years in the USA, I stopped smoking and drinking. It was super easy, but I had replaced my cigarettes and wine with: sweets, cakes, chocolate.

Now I could not control that consumption either. I could lie in bed and think: you don’t get up and eat, you don’t get up. BUT in the end I got up and ate all sorts of crazy things to get my thoughts to stop.

So the problem was: I felt miserable inside and tried to forget it with the help of cigarettes, wine or sweets. I just wanted to sleep it all away.

In the waking state I was not present in the Now. I constantly had thoughts and fantasies about a completely different life than my own. That’s how I think I’ve always felt, that I wrote a better life than the one I had.

How you have felt your change (physically and psychologically) – behaviour, habits, mindset, feelings

I felt it the first time I was in hypnosis. After that session, I haven’t had thoughts that are constantly about sweets, cakes, chocolate. I can shop or watch other people eat sugar, but it’s kind of like I don’t see it. It has no appeal for me. There is no alarm bell going off, candy candy candy, I have to eat it. I don’t see it.

Nor do I have thoughts that constantly create fantasies about me and another life. I am present right now in my own life. I can watch TV and not fall into spells. I can listen to love songs without drooling.

I’m happy when I wake up, I’m happy when I go to bed tired, I smile all the time – both inside and outside.

I repeat my mantra 1000 times throughout the day. If I start a fantasy, I can stop it by saying: you are right here right now.

How did you experience our sessions – both the conversations and hypnosis

I thought it was such a huge experience for me. It worked. Words were put to what hurt. I am so grateful to have met you Prue. I got rid of all the old crap that my parents had instilled in me. The first hypnosis was probably the most profound. However, all 3 hypnosis were necessary, new impressions appear all the time, where I can see the last hypnosis sessions working inside me.

For example, I can have my parents visit without being completely upset and feeling the urge to get drunk or eat sweets after they’ve gone. Now I am the lion that does not always swallow raw. They don’t get under my skin. Now they are just people with whom I talk a little.

Something that has surprised you

That I can’t see sweets, cake and other unhealthy things

That I am really present right now and here.

That I KNOW I’m good. That I am the best at being me. I don’t have to imagine or try to be someone other than myself. I am good as I am.

That I don’t sit and get so overwhelmed with tears when love songs are played.

That I don’t spend my time on fantasies.

Your conclusion about treatment and me as a therapist

All I can say is that it worked. It was so nice to get rid of all the old crap I’ve been lugging around for far too many years.

Prue, you came really close, it was so safe and easy to tell you about my life. You were always 100% with me, your laugh your lovely smile, it was so infectiously lovely to be with you – your radiance, warmth, kindness, love and your genuine enthusiasm for my progress.

Whether you would recommend me

Yes, I would like to, I can only say that it is probably the best I have ever tried.

Feel free to share, I can only highly recommend you and hypnosis.

The warmest and most loving greetings
Jette the lion

(Has enjoyed value of 2 sessions since)