What hypnotherapy treats

What is it I am experiencing that I want hypnosis or hypnotherapy to relieve ?

It can be a nagging feeling that plagues you like:

a hole that needs to be filled up, a restlessness you want to be free of, an escape from a feeling of pressure or responsibility that feels too much, an attempt to ignore/escape life/dysfunction, wanting to numb a feeling of inadequacy, self loathing or pain, or accepting less than you know is possible!

It can be described as:

Without better strategies, we can distract ourselves TEMPORAILY from these unpleasant feelings and try to feel good by indulging in X. When we overindulge it makes the X behaviour problematic.

Overindulgent behavior might be:

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can effectively treat or alleviate these behaviours.

When the ‘real issue’ or cause is continually and chronically avoided or ignored it can result in depression, low self-worth and/or confidence, stress, anxiety, bodily distress syndrome, paranoia, isolation, eating disorders, weight gain, insomnia or where it becomes physical as with pain, illness or disease (dis-ease).

These above mentioned personality and/or body changes can be positively affected or reversed by hypnotherapy.

Another form of discomfort that can be treated effectively is anxiety. Living with a phobia can feel like a jail. Hypnotherapy helps treat fear of: flying, dentist/doctor visit, vomiting, spiders, bees/wasps, exams, presentations, needles, illness, driving, horse riding, heights, sleep and being sociable.

Additional areas of change where hypnotherapy is an effective treatment are:

  1. Releasing the pain of past trauma including- PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), divorce, separation, abuse, loss, addiction, bullying, feeling different; not being seen, heard or understood, illness, social isolation, regret, sexual dysfunction, a forced change, relocation or being fired.
  1. Releasing the negative effects of the past by releasing ‘chronic’ patterns of Negative Feelings such as:Fear, anger, revenge, shame, guilt, grief, apathy, despair, insecurity, unworthiness, jealousy/envy, hatred, uncertainty, boredom, frustration, impatience, overwhelm, overload, worry, doubt, blame, sadness, sorrow, disempowerment, discouragement, defeat, disappointment.
  1. When desiring improvement of a troubled or broken relationship – at work, with family or in-laws, friend, partner or in a social setting.

Optimizational changes I can help you with involve:

Elevating your mindset and adjusting your relationship with: self (esteem, worth and/or confidence), success, health, wealth, love, joy, fertility, identity, relationships, intimacy, freedom, creation – so you can live at the level of life you desire as the person you want to be!

What sets us free and elevates us is being our authentic self. This enables us to live a real and honest life that represents our true self, where we know ourself well enough and in a way that serves us, so we can live as we want to live! To live as the true creator we are, in control of ourselves, in our life, creating a life that feels good to us!

That is lasting happiness and happiness is success!

If this resonates and you’re ready, I can help you to create the change you desire.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and why is it so effective?

Hypnosis is not:

  1. About will or a battle of the will’s between hypnotist and client
  2. About loss of control
  3. About manipulation or deception

My work as a hypnotherapist involves:

  1. Being a detective collecting the relevant data – what happened, what is unwanted in your current experience and what do you want instead?
  2. Removing the misunderstanding, trauma or limitation – by finding the cause, releasing it and re-framing it. A change in perspective is a life changed!
  3. Assisting in an operational systems update much like a computer coder – assisting in upgrading the dysfunctional software of self-sabotage from the past and replacing it with software of success in the powerful now. As a result you will be on a new path, to a clear destination as a new you!

The hypnotherapeutic practice I use to achieve the above mentioned three things simultaneously and seamlessly in a perfect combination, is the 5-PATH method which stands for “5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis”. It is a method that is powerful, effective and systematic in its approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy that integrates some of the most powerful hypnosis techniques and processes into one complete system. It is results oriented where changes are measurable between sessions and is a distinctive practice not common to all hypnotists.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis refers to an altered state of mind where the mind is open, receptive, focused, attentive and accepts what is said as truth. This leads to corresponding behavior being a reality once in the ‘awake’ state.  Change is incorporated and integrated into all three parts of the mind responsible for creating our reality – the conscious, subconscious (past conditioning) and unconscious mind (our body). These changes are deep, permanent and immediately effective. They translate into change that feels discreet, natural and easy. It engages the WHOLE self meaning our three-part physical self – mind, heart and body- bringing them into harmony with each other in a way that resonates with our non-physical self – our soul (infinite intelligence).

Why is hypnosis effective?

Our habits of thought and behaviour are two significant contributors to our perception and creation. An upgrade of these under hypnosis makes new creations possible.  The hypnotic state frees the body of its ‘autopilot’ program and re-sets it. In addition to updating the operational system in the subconscious mind, it is also an invaluable source of insight into the cause of dysfunction and sabotage of self.

My role is to be a coach between your subconscious and conscious mind so you understand your block. This insight helps you to consciously reinforce and maintain the desired changes, as the new you. Correction of the old me to the new me in the hypnotic state is so effective that it makes changes that have seemed previously impossible, possible.

Seem too good to be true?

Change is recognized by how it feels (typically lighter and better) and results are often experienced already after the first session, as well as between consecutive sessions.

Contrary to other treatment choices, each session is goal specific and works in succession to create, deep, orderly, integrated and lasting change. This is attractive as it makes it possible to estimate the number of sessions required based on evidence and our experience. Prior to your consultation, we’ll have a conversation to answer any questions as well as assess your needs so as to schedule the appropriate number of sessions required to meet expectations both ways.

Typically clients attend 1-5 sessions. Considering clients present with a problem they have often had for many years, it is a testament to a fast and effective treatment.

The treatment can seem intense as it is concentrated and the effects are rapid unlike other treatments you may have already tried such as medication, visits to your doctor or a coach, psychotherapist, a psychologist or psychiatrist.

What can I expect in the sessions?

My own experience has proven that lasting change is achieved best by engaging the conscious mind as well as the subconscious and unconscious mind in the changes. To meet this criterion, in each session there are conversations prior to hypnosis where we together understand what the contributing factors are to your dissatisfaction and discomfort. It is an important part of your success in hypnosis so we dedicate the appropriate time necessary. This makes the ‘unconscious’ factors, now conscious. Following the ‘conscious’ work, the appropriate desired changes are addressed in hypnosis to ‘unlearn’ the relevant limiting patterns of the past and replace them with successful and rewarding ones. Our time together is about half dedicated to ‘conscious’ conversation and half dedicated to hypnotic change. The typical duration of a session for teenagers and adults is 1.5-2 hours per session.

Regards to the ‘effect’ of the altered state of consciousness due to hypnosis, you are more than capable of continuing your typical day after attending your session as the transition back to normal state is achieved after 10-15 minutes.

Ideal client participation is achieved by having a Hypnotic Mindset. This means:

  1. You are ready and strongly motivated for change
  2. You want to create a change for you, rather than on behalf of another
  3. You are expectant, where you have a hope if not a belief, that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for YOU to create change.
  4. You are willing to engage and be guided in an atmosphere of trust based on rapport.
  5. You understand that hypnosis is a state of focused attention and not necessarily a deep trance.

If your visit is based on the recommendation of another, or as a result of having witnessed the success of another which you’d like to experience for yourself, then you already have an ideal ‘Hypnotic Mindset’ as you’re expectant and receptive.

My clinical experience as a full-time hypnotherapist spans over thousands of sessions with clients from ages 13 years – 80+ years, from diverse backgrounds, cultures, education and positions so you are in competent hands. (see clients’ experiences)

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is validated by science and is now used in hospitals and schools. In addition, the power of thoughts and feelings on our behavior and health is undeniably linked and proven scientifically, as illustrated by Dr Joe Dispenza’s work.

A newspaper article from September 2022 talking about the introduction of hypnosis by an anaesthesist when working with children at Århus University hospital:

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