Weight loss

Taking responsibility and believing in weight loss

Kirsten Helbo
4 sessions

Dear Prue

Thank you very much for my treatment with you. You are very inspiring and lively to be with. I have enjoyed our sessions – it has been hard work but you have lovingly but firmly guided me along the way.

I turned to you for help with my weight. I wanted to lose weight but didn’t know where to start or how. You gave me back my own North Star. You gave me back the responsibility and you also gave me faith in myself. The biggest changes I have noticed after and during our time together are changes in mindset and behaviour. I take better care of myself. I correct when I get off track. I also feel that I have become better at accepting myself. I give myself time and peace, but also to make some choices that I may have taken too long to make.

I love you as a therapist. You are authentic and you have a sense of humor. I love your enthusiasm and not least your accent. You support and you follow along in the process. I really felt safe in your hands. The hypnosis was good and useful, but it was actually our conversations beforehand that made the biggest impression on me. They were good. But I am still impressed and also surprised by the things I have experienced in the hypnosis. It just confirms that the truth is inside me. You are on my shoulder. When things get difficult, I see you stand up, stretch your arm forward for the North Star, then I play your pep talk inside myself and then the lion is ready again. I am the ‘Instructor in my own life.’

Thank you very much for you and for your help on my journey.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration you have sent me. I’m not done trying it out at all. It’s great that you send a little extra after each session – it makes me feel special and that’s nice.

Love Kirsten Helbo

Weight loss with root in low self-esteem

Ulla, 48 years old 4 sessions

I sought help from Prue regarding weight loss. However, I knew very well that there are of course other issues and blocks that I have had for many years.

My goal was that I would like to feel light in my body.

Prue was great to talk to. She was super good at listening and asking about everything important. She was really good at explaining and guiding me in how the process should go. I felt a lot of trust in Prue.

The hypnosis sessions were very professional. I felt completely safe in Prue’s hypnosis treatment, even though it was a really tough session to get through.

Prue is very skilled and competent in hypnosis. She is very trustworthy and we had a really nice chemistry/dialogue.

There was a very professional and competent approach to the treatment, where the level of service was very high.

I would definitely recommend Prue Bach to others!

The hypnosis experiences together with Prue have meant that I have cleaned up old beliefs about how I should be. Now can I finally just be me self .

My behaviour and ways of doing things have changed, so I have to stop and notice myself instead of just racing at 120 mk/h like before.

I have slowly started meditating.

I make sure to notice in myself when my body signals something or the other. And I am much better at listening for what it is that I need, instead of just eating something or other. I am better at allowing myself to rest. I’m better at telling myself that now I don’t need to do any more – now I want to stop and relax.

The hypnosis treatments and conversations have clearly had a strong and positive effect on the mental level.

Help with weight loss


Dear Prue

Thank you very much. It was SO meaningful and redemptive to be with you today (after 1st session). Thanks. I look forward to exercising all your wise words and using self-hypnosis in my life and creating a new path and foundation, with the’ lion’ as a starting point:-)

I look forward to my next hypnosis session with you.

Friendly greetings


Wanted to get rid of 'snacking'

Julie Høgh Andersen
4 sessions

Hi Prue,

Thanks for our time together and our last session. I hope you are well. I am
I have been enjoying the new me for a few months now and have written down a few words that I hope you can use for something:

When I contacted Prue, my problem was that I had an eternal battle inside my head with regard to “snacking”. After a big weight loss (before meeting Prue), my goal was to keep the number on the bathroom scale down, and I wouldn’t mind if the numbers went down further. It filled my head so much that, for example, on the way to Legoland with my son in the car, I would spend more time thinking about whether I should “allow myself” to have an iced coffee than talking to my son about what we can do at Legoland. I could gain weight if I didn’t stick to my “proper” diet. I was convinced that it was precisely THAT that was my problem/my challenge: food and the urge for it. Otherwise, there was nothing “wrong” with me.

It worked really well with the conversations for a good 1½ hours before the “trip in the chair”. I felt 100% safe and sat with the feeling that I could just talk about everything! Because the more open and honest I was, the greater the chance there was to “turn the tables” because even though I thought there was nothing else wrong with me, I was not happy. I was under pressure and constantly overworked mentally.

During the course of the treamtent I gained greater insight into why I was the way I was, who I wanted to be and have since thought many thoughts. Positive thoughts! I had no experience with hypnosis before the course, just a notion that I should lie in a chair and be completely “away” and not be aware of what was happening to me. I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to give in to the hypnosis – probably because I felt so comfortable in your company and because I really wanted a change. I had no doubt that something “happened” to me. It was the wildest feeling when I woke up from the hypnosis. It really worked for me and I could feel a change in myself – Joy, energy, courage, lightness in the body. All in all, a lot of good feelings!

My problem was actually that I was roaringly insecure! My urge to “snack” was my quick fix because eating made me happy. At least that’s what I fooled myself with. But afterwards I got annoyed with myself again and nothing had changed. I was far too busy dealing with what others (perhaps) thought of me and my way of being to notice what was important to me and only me (vs others)!

During and after my treatment, I have let go of my thoughts about other people’s attitudes. They can think what they want, I can’t control that –and I don’t want to spend unnecessary energy on it. I’ve thrown my bathroom scale out in the garage and made a decision that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. If I’m happy with what I see in the mirror, then that’s how I should be. My relationship with food is much more relaxed. If I want to eat chocolate (snacks) with my children, I do it and I enjoy it – without subsequently having a bad conscience. My thoughts and my body are not working overtime like before and that’s great! I feel good and am happy with myself.

I’m so glad I reached out to you and got in touch with you, Prue. It has been a life-changing experience and I am deeply grateful for your help. You have been recommended to many in my circle of friends! Good experiences must be shared.