Quantum Hypnosis

A strong duo who offer a unique treatment

Quantum Hypnosis is a partnership I enjoy with my talented colleague Ellen Færk – a powerful duo offering a unique practice. In addition to what has otherwise been mentioned on the website, it involves using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to realize your desired change in combination with the application of:

  • quantum physics
  • universal law of vibration and attraction
  • work with clients as vibrational beings with focus on feeling their way to solutions
  • power of imagination in combination with the Source of creation
  • our duality as a personality and soul working together
  • attention focused inward toward the ‘highest/best version of self’ where all things are possible
  • change in energy and its flow via self-mastery of thoughts, feelings and behavior.

A change in energy, changes your life!

The higher your energy, the better life feels and the better results you enjoy!

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