Stress and illness

I sought hypnosis for stress, minor depression, low self-esteem and pain from a terrible childhood, and the consequences of it

Michael Nielsen, Dairy worker, 59 years old - Holstebro
4 sessions

Hi Prue

WOW, what an experience….

I did not in my wildest hope, expect that I could come so far….

I am forever grateful to you that for the first time in 59 years, I am the one who lives and controls my life….

Many, Many THANKS, for your TENACIOUS effort….

I sought help from Prue for stress, depression, low self-esteem and pain from a terrible childhood and the after effects of it.

After 59 years of struggling with vulnerability, I wanted to overcome this vulnerability.

I experienced physical and psychological violence from the time I was born.

The conversations before hypnosis were in-depth and fully professional (MUCH better than with a psychologist)

The hypnosis sessions were a challenge for Prue and for myself. I had an incorrect expectation of hypnosis which I thought was a deep trance. Not being able to visualize images on the internal screen gave me a frustration that Prue constantly had to guide me through.

Everything has changed for me. Now I have to teach myself, to live my life, the right way. The crowd of thoughts is gone. The eternal headache (full head) is gone. My low self-esteem is gone. The vulnerability is gone. I can feel my body now (where has it been?). My inner and outer self fit together now….

All challenges are solved and I feel finished.

I always had the feeling that Prue would be the solution to my CHALLENGES….

Great that Prue takes the time it takes…. I have ABSOLUTELY, maxed out ALL of my allotted time with you….

I have referred and will refer many to you. Far too many people have pain that they go to doctors and psychologists for years about, which you can solve in 1 month….

But the health system will never recognize your worth, as you are too efficient…

My own doctor wanted to send me to a psychologist. Hypnotist could not be recommended….

THANK YOU SO MUCH for you……….

Challenged physically without explanation or know why or how

Camilla Hansen

Hi Prue

Thanks for your mail.

I would really like to give you feedback. The progress with you has been absolutely fantastic. I have become aware of how much the little things also count.

When I get a little further along in my process I’ll get back to you.

I will at any time recommend you to others. You are so committed to your work that it is your lifestyle – I have no doubt about that and it benefits us clients/customers.

I’m listening to audio files, Dr. Joe and expanding my horizons and living out my inner lion, so I have no doubt that I will also find my right shelf.

Many greetings

Camilla Krogh Hansen

Effects of anxiety and stress on the body

Mette Hornskov Nielsen, Technical Designer, 29 years old
4 sessions

I wanted help to be happy, confident and not afraid of losing. I didn’t feel good going to work.

I’ve had it bad for many years. I’ve worked really hard to forget what it felt like to be me. I was in a bad relationship until I turned 21.

The process started with me having to tell about myself. Prue asked about my life and what I have experienced. It was really pleasant to talk to Prue as she seemed genuinely interested in hearing what my problems were and gave explanations as to why I had a stomach ache and explained how powerful the power of thought is.

The hypnosis itself the first time was a wild experience – the hypnosis was very rewarding and I could see it for myself. Prue is really good at guiding you and keeping you on track. I was full of energy and joy after the first hypnosis session and thought it was the right choice to ask the establishment for help.

The next sessions were a bit scary for me and I was completely afraid that it would not get better as I actually became sad after number 2 and 3 hypnosis session. Prue explained again how much happens inside the body and I had probably hoped for a quick fix. She talked about new pathways that are created inside the brain when the new methods that I have learned are used. I now think a lot about being the lion and not the cat.

The last session we had was very rewarding and I now have a peace in my body that I have not felt for a long time.

I used to have thoughts all the time that said I wasn’t good enough – that thought pattern I feel is almost “forgotten” or hidden further away. It’s so wonderful.

I’ve gotten better at thinking ‘delete’ or it’s not my problem but someone else’s. I’m learning to be more selfish. I suffered from daily stomach aches and tremors due to anxiety. It’s much better because I don’t think so much anymore.

I have become better at taking care of myself and thinking about what I want and not what others want me to do. It’s a completely different world to live in.

I think more positively and don’t have swarms of thoughts like before and if it comes up I’ve learned how to get out of it again.

I know it’s not a quick fix but a new way of seeing the world.

I have been hospitalized twice this year with inflammation of the renal pelvis and Prue has told me that anxiety is (in the kidneys)

My stomach works better after having this treatment with Prue and I am really happy about that.

My time with Prue has taught and changed me for the postive with many more good thoughts and a method to stop bad ones.

I would definitely recommend hypnosis to others.

Prue is really good at listening and explaining things if you come up with problems that you don’t understand yourself.

There was a very professional and competent approach to the treatment.

I would definitely recommend Prue Bach to others. I really felt heard and seen.

Dear Prue, Thank you very much for your great help. It means so much! THANKS

Body, mind and heart felt heavy

Anonymous self-employed woman, 44 years old
4 sessions

I came to Prue because I was at a place in my life where my body, mind and heart felt heavy. For many years I have tried a lot of treatment and done a lot to change my condition, always something that cost me extra effort, and without it really helping me in the long term.

After the first time with Prue, which was very intense and where I don’t really remember everything we talked about, but it was just, WOW.

Prue asked me questions that I had never reflected on and that I had to relate to and go into without really being able to answer clearly and distinctly, but the hypnosis itself gave me all the answers.

To this day, I don’t know exactly what happened, what I do know is that it worked, and so much “good” happened afterwards completely by itself, not something I had to fight with/for or spend effort on .

The subsequent times have been just as WOW an experience and I’ve felt light, free and ready for life every time I’ve driven from our sessions. I’ve been through some amazing months. It’s as if all the resistance in my body has let go of me, I feel everything is in flow in my life, on all parameters.

I have gained so much self-awareness, so much faith in my own abilities and so much peace in my life. I am in balance and I am happy, so happy, right down to the bones and I actually can’t remember the last time I felt that. My mind is light and my mindset has changed and things I fought for, for years, have landed right in front of me. Random you could say, but I know it’s because I now believe in myself. I still face challenges, but where before I would have come up with excuses for how miserable and hard it was for me, I now “face” them, shrug them off immediately and move on. There is just so much satisfaction in being able to do that!

Before, I needed to explain myself, my situation, etc. to everything and everyone. Now I honestly don’t care what others think of me, my situation, etc. I didn’t see that coming and what a bonus in life that is!

I now know that the treatment I had with Prue (4 times) was what I needed to live my full life and potential. I know that I will always be able to come “home to myself” again, via hypnotherapy, and that gives me such a fantastic sense of security that everyone should have.

I also know that everyone should have a Prue in their life, because exactly what she can do is completely unique, she is a skilled therapist and a good person.

I would recommend her to anyone who is “stuck” in life.

Going forward, I think it will be beneficial for me to pay Prue one or two visits a year just to be tuned in to what my life is about, namely me.

If you want change in your life and are willing to work on yourself, I would really recommend hypnotherapy.